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Client Feedback July 2020

Help us shape our business into the service you want!

Clients have responded to a questionnaire asking specific questions:

Q. What services have been provided to you?

A. Personal taxes, business taxes, Sage training, compiling financial information for taxes, adjusting previous personal tax returns, assisting with a disability tax credit application.

Q. What do you like/appreciate about the service provided?

A. Very friendly and helpful; suggestions that can be beneficial to my business. Personal attention. Thoroughness and attention to detail. I can hand everything over and trust that it will be sorted out.

Q. What could have been done better?

A. Disappointed that the receipt app didn’t work out. Quite satisfied with overall service. The service was great.

Q. How likely are you to recommend us to your friends and family?

A. Extremely likely. Very likely.

Client Feedback July 2020

Q. What problem have we solved for you?

A. We are working toward financial clarity, it is still in progress. Helped me submit the application for Old Age Security. Helped us realize the business is a partnership not a sole proprietorship. I needed my books and taxes done quickly and you managed to fit me into your schedule, thank you!

Q. We are working toward an online process for receiving expenses and revenues. Will this work for your business? Will you take advantage of it?

A. Yes, I appreciate the initiative. Yes, I think this is great and I want it for my business.

Q. If you don’t believe a ‘paperless’ environment will work for you, tell us why.

A. It has always been the great promise – hasn’t come true yet! Paperless works for me! Not sure how this will effect doing subsequent tax returns, especially since the government likes us to keep things for 7 years.

Q. Please provide any other comments, or suggestions.

A. It is so nice to have a flexible, easy to work with accountant! Way to go with the new online presence using a digital services approach – you’re standing out above the rest!



Every quarter we will draw a name from those who provide constructive feedback to us!

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