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How Can We Help Restaurants?

We offer a wide variety of assistance and consulting to help over stressed Restauranteurs gain control and freedom.

One of these methods is using our D.I.S.H.E.S. strategy which can be done in just 10 weeks.

D = Debt - are you running your debt or is your debt running you? I = Income - What % of revenue have you targeted as net business income? S = Staffing - Are you taking advantage of employment programs? H = Help - do you need help setting up automated systems? E = Expense - Do you know the average industry margins are 30% food cost, 30% wages, and 20-28% fixed costs, leaving 2-10% for profit? S = Suppliers - Do you have a strategy to get the most from your suppliers?

We also can help you figure out what programs and resources are out there to assist with the Covid-19 pandemic and how to apply for them.

We are here to help you – arrange an appointment or send us a message through CONTACT US.

How Can We Help Restaurants?



Every quarter we will draw a name from those who provide constructive feedback to us!

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