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Streamlined Bookkeeping Services

Even before COVID-19 our industry was progressing more and more into the virtual world. We want to offer our services to anyone in business in Canada or the United States. How do we do that while continuing to provide timely completion for quarterly, and annual, reporting? The old way was to bundle up all your receipts and take time to go to the local post office to snail-mail them.

Next came scanning, which is time consuming. Then came apps! Using apps allows you to take a photo of your receipt and then send it to your bookkeeper; some apps will send your receipts directly where you want them to go. All you have to do is some set-up at the beginning! Sunshine Valley Accounting is moving in this direction; we have test run the first app – it didn’t suit our needs due to issues with integrating with our bookkeeping software. We are now testing a new system through our software provider. Early indications are this one should work – integration with the bank account went very smoothly!

Are you interested in finding out if this program will work for you? Arrange a free consultation appointment today!

Streamlined Bookkeeping Services



Every quarter we will draw a name from those who provide constructive feedback to us!

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